House Blessings

How to order House Blessings from the artist.

House Blessings can be ordered directly from the artist. Please remember that it is not an existing House Blessing that is being reproduced, but rather a new creation.

Betsy asks that you provide her with information that will guide her work: Will the House Blessing commemorate a special occasion? A special relationship? A special place? House Blessings can be displayed indoors or out.

The cost of a House Blessing starts at $150 plus shipping depending on size (height ranges from 4" to 10"; thickness is about 1.5") and complexity. When Betsy receives instructions for a new House Blessing she will quote a price (email preferred) and await customer approval before work begins.

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Or, contact Betsy at her WoofWorks Studio

1170 West 2nd Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97402